It’s the end of November (or the beginning of December depending on when you’re reading this), and Issue #2 of MyApple Magazine is now available for your reading pleasure

We’re proud of the variety of articles in this month’s issue, which include:

  • A piece by Dave Caolo on the invisible factors that enhance your productivity;

  • Dennis Sellers’ review of the 27-inch Retina 5K iMac;

  • An introductory editorial by Krystian Kozerawski and Steve Sande;

  • Krystian’s look at the fourth-generation Apple TV and some of the best games for the device;

  • A historical bit by Krystian about growing up with computers… behind the Iron Curtain;

  • Michal Maslowski discussing why you need a gamepad for the Apple TV, and a review by Steve of a Bluetooth gamepad from Satechi;

  • Steve’s views on why the iPad Pro might very well portend the beginning of the end for traditional laptop computers;

  • Max Pijanowski wonders why Apple is singled out for criticism of human rights violations for those who build its products;

  • A review of the recent “Steve Jobs” movie by Krystian, along with some thoughts on why it failed at the box office;

  • Dennis’s look at the magical new accessories from Apple;

  • A detailed review of the new iPad mini 4 by Jacek Zieba;

  • The BrydgeMini Bluetooth Keyboard for the iPad mini gets a review by Steve, who also takes us behind the scenes of a mobile operating system that was ahead of its time — Magic Cap;

  • And an amazing achievement — a comparison of the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 5s cameras (with photos!) by Kinga Zielinska. ​ It’s all for your reading pleasure, and all for free. You can support our work on Patreon (which would make us very happy!). Be sure to sign up to be the first to be notified of the arrival of every issue at

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