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The Epic Games Store is an online gaming store for MacOS, Windows and Linux that regularly distributes free products to attract customers. Currently, a promotion is underway there, where you can download The World Next Door for free.

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Google Stadia is a service that allows you to stream games from the cloud to mobile devices and computers. For the first year of its operation it was not officially available on iOS devices. Now, however, it has been announced that version tests for this platform will begin soon.

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Last year, Apple handed out the Apple Music Awards statuettes for the first time to artists who have achieved particular success in the Apple Music service. Today the results of the second edition of these awards were announced.

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Bridge Constructor is a popular series of puzzle games in which the player's task is to build a functional bridge from a limited number of available elements. From today, the App Store offers its latest part, entitled Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead.

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Mariah Carey is an American singer known for her popular Christmas song "All I Want for Christmas Is You". Apple has announced today that soon, a musical Christmas program on the Apple TV+ will appear.

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A few weeks ago, the 11 bit studio announced that the Moonlighter game they are releasing will soon be available on iOS devices. From now on, the title is available for purchase in the App Store.

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CodeWeavers is a company known mainly for its CrossOver program, which allows you to run games and applications written for Windows on computers with macOS, Linux or ChromeOS. On their official blog there has recently been an entry showing how the latest version of this software is performing on the new Macs with M1.


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Philips monitors have been on my desks at home for a long time. They are different constructions, more or less extended with different screen sizes and proportions. After the last Philips Brilliance 439P monster with 21:10 proportions, it is time for a much simpler construction and to some extent for the ordinary user, who appreciates good image quality. We are talking about the Philips Brilliance 241B7Q monitor.

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The American brand Audeze is already well established in the audio market, which has been stormed by its original planar headphones design. More demanding music lovers and audiophiles appreciate the LCD-2, LDC-3 and LCD-4 in-ear headphones. Recently, however, Audeze has released a model that offers, most importantly, great sound of higher models at a significantly lower price. We are talking about Audeze LCD-1 headphones.

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After testing two electric cars - Mini Cooper SE and BMW i3s - the time has come for a car that can already be found on Polish roads - Nissan Leaf. A week spent behind his wheel is a very interesting experience in many respects.

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Last year Logitech released the third generation of one of the best mice on the market - MX Master. This year it was released for Mac. Following the blow, Logitech also released a mobile mini version of this great design - MX Anywhere 3.

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The TCL brand this year introduced several new interesting TV models, one 8K QLED - X815 - and two 4K QLED - C815 and C715. The latter with a screen with a diagonal of 55 inches I had a chance to test recently.

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After the electric BMW i3s and SUV X3 xDrive30e, the time has come for a more classic and sporty machine - powered by a 306-horsepower M235i engine.

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This story begins like many stories about revolutions. Great ideas about freedom, equality end with gallows, guillotines or fields of death. I did not expect that this also applies to the Internet. Here, too, it started with slogans about equal access to knowledge and unrestricted communication - and in the 1990s it actually did.