A few weeks ago, the 11 bit studio announced that the Moonlighter game they are releasing will soon be available on iOS devices. From now on, the title is available for purchase in the App Store.

Moonlighter is a rather unconventional Rogue-Lite RPG, in which we play the role of a shopkeeper trading equipment for adventurers. However, our tasks include not only running the store, but also setting off on numerous dangerous expeditions on our own, during which we will collect goods for sale. On the one hand, we will find here a wartack, dexterity action, on the other hand, elements of economic game. All of this is dressed in an atmospheric, pixelart graphic design in a retro style. The version for iOS offers the same content as the edition known from consoles and computers, however, introducing a simplified control system better adapted to touch screen operation.

The Moonlighter game is available for purchase at App Store, where it currently costs $11.99. It is a premium title in which we will not find any advertisements or micropayments.

Download from App Store.