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I have written many times about the fact that Logitech has been making some of the best mice and keyboards in the world for years. Last year, the company introduced a couple of new devices - MX Master 3 mouse and MX Keys. Now these devices are also available in versions for Mac. Both are not only tested but also used for several months. I wrote about MX Keys for Mac recently. Time for MX Master 3 for Mac.

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The presentation of Apple's new products entitled "Time Flies" was another event without press or audience after the keynote opening the WWDC conference. I have to admit that they are better than those in which information about new products is interrupted by applause or shouts of admiration. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple decided to keep this formula after the pandemic has subsided.

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Apple has released an update to the iWork package for iOS/iPadOS 14. The new versions are marked as 10.2.

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Apple has released the eighth beta of MacOS Big Sur. For the security of your data, we recommend a backup before uploading this software. The system is described as build 20A5374i.

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Logitech keyboards and mice are a brand in itself and no wonder, because they have been considered the best for years, especially those from the MX series. Last year Logitech launched the MX Keys and MX Master 3. These were universal devices for both Windows PCs and Macs. Recently, Logitech introduced special dedicated versions for Macs of both these devices. How does the Logitech MX Keys for Mac work? You'll find the answer below.

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A few days after Apple released the first beta of iOS/iPadOS 14.2 to the developer, there was also a public beta of this system. Before installing the test version, we recommend that you back up.

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On the Apple support channel on YouTube, several user guides for Apple Watch with watchOS 7 have recently appeared.

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"The Morning Show", one of the most popular and best-rated series in the Apple TV+ catalog, received eight Emmy Award nominations this year. Ultimately, he managed to win one statuette.

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Audio-Technica is a brand well known among lovers of good sound. One of the most recognizable models of headphones of this company, popular also among music producers and musicians who visit the studio from time to time, is the wired M50x. I met with it myself and used it in the studio. Last year Audio-Technica decided to cut off this kind of umbilical cord and released a wireless version, the M50xBT.

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After two ultra wide and curved Philips monitors, the time has come for a real monster - the super wide Philips Brilliance 439P, which can replace two 16:10 aspect ratio monitors on your desk.

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A few months ago I had a chance to test and describe a set of active multi-room Audio Pro A26 speakers. This Swedish brand has a lot more in its offer, especially one speaker caught my attention - looking like the head of a 1960s guitar amplifier model D-1. The association with the head of a guitar amplifier is not accidental. The D-1 can be part of the Drumfire set with a large subwoofer. Such a set could easily be placed on stage next to classic amps. So how does it look up close, and how does the multi-room Audio Pro D-1 speaker play? You will find the answer below.

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Yesterday Apple released betas of MacOS Big Sur, iOS/iPadOS 14.2, tvOS 14.2 and watchOS 7.1. The first test version of the Xcode 12.2 development environment was also released. Please note that we recommend backups before installing new systems.

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After tests of two electric cars from BMW's stable, i.e. Mini Cooper Se and BMW i3s, it was time for a much more universal car, at least for our Polish conditions: The recently introduced hybrid BMW X3 xDrive 30e.

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Today, a new game, "Marble Knights" by WayForward Technologies, has appeared in Apple Arcade service.

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From time to time I am asked by podcasters or bloggers from other editors what I use and what services I use. For years it has been an Apple ecosystem consisting not only of Macs, iPads, iPhones and Apple TV, but also of various types of accessories communicating with them via the HomeKit platform and services offering, among others, digital content (i.e. App Store, Apple Music and Apple TV, formerly iTunes Films), mail access and file synchronization via iCloud both between systems and across multiple applications. All this is based on my digital identity, Apple ID.

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On the list of game announcements that will appear in the coming weeks in the Apple Arcade service there is another title - "The Collage Atlas".

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Immediately after the launch of the new operating systems, iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, several tutorials appeared on Apple's support channel, presenting how to use the new features they offer.

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Updating your iOS or iPadOS system is a good time to backup your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch content in iCloud. On the Apple support channel on YouTube there is a tutorial on how to do it for several days.

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In September last year, during the presentation of new Bowers & Wilkins products, I had the opportunity to get acquainted with the Formation Flex speaker, as well as with the new PX7 and PX5 headphones. I have already written about Formation Flex, and in the last two weeks I had the opportunity to test a smaller model of top Bowers & Wilkins headphones, the PX5.

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In addition to iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, there is also an official version of tvOS 14 software.

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Apple has released the official version of watchOS 7. We recommend that you back up before upgrading. Please note that this is done automatically together with the iPhone backup.

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Apple udostępniło oficjalną wersję systemu iPadOS 14. Przed zainstalowaniem aktualizacji, zalecamy wykonanie kopii zapasowej.

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After several months of testing, Apple released the official version of iOS 14. We recommend a backup before installing the update.

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On the Apple channel on YouTube there are already clips presenting particular novelties. They were part of the whole Time Flies presentation, but now you can watch each of them separately.

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Among home audio systems there are many speakers and devices that stand out for their sound and original design. However, all of them seem to be boring and commonplace with Devialet devices. Devialet Phantom speakers look like products of alien civilizations, taken out alive from such SF cinema classics as "2001: Space Odyssey" or "Alien". I have been waiting for a long time for an opportunity to test them and finally an opportunity has come. A few weeks ago I received a Devialet Phantom Reactor 900 speaker in matt black finish for testing.

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On the Apple channel on YouTube there is a record of yesterday's Apple presentation - Time Flies. The company showed new models of Apple Watch - Series 6 and SE, Apple Fitness+ service, Apple One service packages and new iPad models - iPad 8th generation and iPad Air.

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Yesterday Apple presented Fitness+ service offering video exercise sets with trainers available on the iPhone or iPad integrated with the Apple Watch exercise application.

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As predicted, Apple today presented a completely new offer of its services in the form of the Apple One package.

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Apple today unveiled two new iPad models - the eighth generation iPad and the all-new iPad Air. Rumors have been confirmed - the new iPad Air looks like Pro models.

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Apple has just presented new models of the Apple Watch. Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE