For All Mankind was one of the first series available in the Apple TV+ catalog and still remains one of the most popular and best-rated productions created for this service. Apple has officially confirmed that the premiere of the second season will take place in February next year.

The series For All Mankind presents an alternative history of our world, in which the Soviet Union overtook the USA in the so-called space race and was the first to carry out a successful landing of a man on the moon, which led to the exacerbation of the conflict between both sides. The action of the second season will take place in 1983, ten years after the events presented in the first one, showing their far-reaching consequences.

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The first episode of For All Mankind will appear in Apple TV+ catalog as early as February 19, 2021. As before, Apple will not release the entire season at the same time, but will publish one episode per week.

Source: Apple