When the creators of the board game Oceans started a campaign on Kickstarter to finance this project, they expected to raise the $20,000 needed to start production. However, the title aroused so much interest in the audience that they managed to raise over $766,000 dollars. Now in App Store there is a digital adaptation of this game.

Oceans is a strategy game in which players fight for dominance over the ocean, creating new animal species and directing their evolution. The game is based mainly on playing cards that represent various features developed by our species, such as fins, tentacles, sharp teeth and the ability to spit ink. In this way, players together create a unique underwater ecosystem changing with each subsequent round. To win, you need to skillfully manage the evolution of your species, so that they best adapt to current conditions, providing themselves with enough food and protection from others. Oceans Lite is a slightly simplified version of the original game, offering faster and smoother gameplay.

Oceans Lite is available to download from the App Store for free, but to unlock all the elements and functions available in the game, you need to use in-app purchases.

Download from the App Store.