The Epic Games Store is an online gaming store for MacOS, Windows and Linux that regularly distributes free products to attract customers. Currently, a promotion is underway there, where you can download The World Next Door for free.

The World Next Door combines elements of puzzle, arcade, and visual novel adventure games. We play the role of a girl named June, who wins a ticket to a parallel dimension full of magic and fantastic creatures, where she is accidentally trapped. A group of local teenagers help her to get home. The basis of the game is the conversations with encountered characters, during which we can make various decisions more or less influencing the plot. From time to time we also have to fight our opponents. The battles take place in small arenas, where we run around trying to avoid the opponents' attacks and at the same time combine the runes drawn on the floor, thus casting various kinds of spells.

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The World Next Door version for macOS is now available for free in the Epic Games Store. The promotion will end on 26 November at 5 pm.