Although it may be the end of December, 2015 when you’re reading this. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Issue #3 of MyApple Magazine has been published and is ready for you to download and enjoy. We’re working on an iPad app version that will let you download each month’s issue easily, so keep your eyes open

This month’s issue includes articles from a number of authors covering everything from new apps for photography to the old history of Mac networking:

  • Steve Sande talks about spherical photography with the new Ricoh Theta S camera;

  • We get a look at some of the most useful apps for mobile photography from Kinga Zielińska;

  • And there’s a look at the beginning of digital photography with the Apple QuickTake 100 circa 1994;

  • Krystian Kozerawski is getting fit with the help of the Apple Watch;

  • But he’s not going to give up the Fitbit Surge…;

  • And Daniel Światły isn’t about to give up on the MacBook Air after a short fling with the iPad Air 2;

  • The Vifa Copenhagen might just be the best Wi-Fi speaker you’ve ever seen;

  • Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a compelling game with beautiful graphics and a heartfelt story;

  • Marek Gawryłowicz gets into the nitty-gritty of freemium games, micropayments, and the hunt for the elusive “whale”;

  • We end with a nostalgic look at the origins of Mac networking, which weren’t too pretty…

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