A few days after Apple released the first beta of iOS/iPadOS 14.2 to the developer, there was also a public beta of this system. Before installing the test version, we recommend that you back up.

iOS 14.2 introduced a button associated with Shazam, which allows you to quickly start music recognition from the control center. It is worth adding that you do not need to install the program itself. In addition, the size of the graphics showing the album in the music control panel has been enlarged and the AirPlay device list has been redesigned. A nice change is the introduction of a music suggestion when the sound is not playing at the moment. Apple has also changed the Watch application icon (it switches the watch with a new Solo bar). A new option has also been introduced that informs about the distance from other people. Use the Magnifier for this purpose.

To install the public version of iOS/iPadOS, you need to register (log in) on the appropriate site on Apple's website, download a special profile, and then upgrade to a trial version. The whole thing is worth doing from a mobile device.