Today, the new spy series "Tehran" has its premiere on the Apple TV+ service. Last week, three seasons of an interesting documentary series "The Great Journey" had its premiere.


"Tehran", tells the story of the adventures of Mossad's agent Tamara Rabinyan during a very dangerous mission to the Iranian capital to damage an Iranian nuclear reactor. Of course, things don't go easy and the main character falls in love with an Iranian dissident. The director of the series is Daniel Syrkin, and the screenplay is directed by Moshe Zonder (the author of the script for the series "Fauda") and Omri Shenhar.

The Trailer:

Behind the scenes:

A great expedition

Since last Friday, Apple TV+ has been broadcasting three seasons of the documentary travel series Ewan McGregor (an actor known for his role of Obi-Wan Kenobi in the prequels of "Star Wars") under the title "Long Way Up", telling the story of motorcycle expeditions across different continents. These are "Long Way Down", "Long Way Round" and "Long Way Up".


In turn, the second season of the youth series "Ghostwriter" will have its premiere on October 9th. The trailer of the new season is already available on the Apple TV channel on YouTube.