Although The Pathless was very often used by Apple in materials promoting Apple Arcade, more than a year after its launch it is still not available in its catalog. Yesterday, however, its official release was finally announced, which will take place on November 12th.

The Pathless is a new game from the independent studio Giant Squid, mainly known for its ABZÛ - an inconspicuous game about a dive into the depths of the ocean, which has conquered the hearts of players with its unique atmosphere and distinctive audiovisual setting, becoming one of the greatest independent hits of 2016. We play the role of a masked hunter, who, accompanied by a tame eagle, crosses a mysterious island in search of a way to remove the curse that has plunged the entire land into darkness. As was the case in ABZÛ, one of the main elements of the game will be the exploration of the world around us, but while the ocean known from the previous game was a relaxing and safe oasis of tranquillity, this time there will be numerous dangers waiting for the player. The Pathless is supposed to put more emphasis on arcade elements, including fighting with fantastic creatures living on the island. However, the game will also include all kinds of environmental puzzles.