A new promotional video from the "Shot on iPhone" series appeared on the Apple channel on YouTube, this time recorded with an iPhone 12 Pro with Dolby Vision HDR function. Its author is a Mexican cinematographer, three times Oscar-winner, Emmanuel Lubezki.

Emanuel Lubezki worked on over 30 films. He has worked with Tim Burton, Jack Nicholson, Alfonso Cuaron, and Terrence Mallickey, among others. He was nominated for an Oscar for, among others, "The Headless Rider" or "The Journey to New Earth". He has won an Oscar for best cinematography in Gravity, Birdman, and The Ghost.

In the following movie from "Shot on iPhone" series Lubezki talks about how to work in the desert with pictures and about you, what he likes about the iPhone 12 Pro, especially the ability to record and edit movies from Dolby Vision and the fact that now you can actually record whole movies with the iPhone.