The list of announcements of new games in the Apple Arcade service is getting longer and longer. Two more titles have just been added to it: "The Pathless" and "Reigns: Beyond".

The Pathless

We finally wrote about the fact that this game will appear in Apple Arcade on November 12th. It should be mentioned that initially it was one of the titles used in the announcements of this service. However, work on this game has been prolonged.

In this game, the player will control a masked hunter - a champion in archery, which he uses to smash special talismans. The energy released from them allows her to travel through a huge forest to defeat the fiery demons that keep the world in darkness. In combat, but also in travel, she is helped by the tame eagle, which she must take care of and maintain a constant bond with.

Reigns: Beyond

This is another game from the "Reigns" series of cards, in which we use questions and answers cards to guide the fate of the characters, kings, queens and, in the latest part, the fate of an intergalactic rock band.

"Reigns: Beyond" is scheduled to appear in Apple Arcade on November 6th.