Under the agreement between Apple and WildBrain, special Christmas episodes of the popular "Peanuts" cartoon were to be available from this year on Apple TV+ only. This did not appeal to fans of the series, who a few weeks ago started collecting signatures for an online petition to get Apple to "free" their favorite show.

The petitioners argued their demands that watching Christmas episodes of "Peanuts" on TV together is a tradition for many families that has lasted for several generations (the Christmas and Halloween episodes are already over fifty years old), which Apple would spoil by limiting access to them to people who do not pay for Apple TV+ subscriptions. Although probably few people hoped that the petition would have any effect, it turned out that Apple decided to meet the demands of Charlie Brown and Snoopy's fans.

Apple decided that this year two special Christmas episodes of "Peanuts" will be available to watch free of charge on Apple TV+ for some time, also for those who do not pay a subscription. The episode dedicated to Thanksgiving will be available to watch for free from November 25th to 27th, while the Christmas episode will be available for free from December 11th to 13th. Apple has also established cooperation with the American public television PBS, allowing it to broadcast both holiday episodes without ads.

We must admit that such a response to the petition is a nice gesture from Apple. It is only interesting whether it is a one-time act of goodwill or whether sharing the holiday episodes of "Peanuts" for free will become a new annual tradition for Apple.

Source: PBS