Sonos brand products are regularly featured on the pages of MyApple. After the Sonos One and portable Sonos Move speakers, the time has come for the largest speaker in this manufacturer's offer. Model Play:5.

What's on the outside

The device actually has a large size (203 x 364 x 154 mm) and weight (6.34 kg). Therefore, it is worth considering whether there is a suitable place for it. The loudspeaker has a very minimalist design characteristic for other products of this brand. The white cabinet (there is also a black version) fits perfectly with the black, covering virtually the entire front grille. One breakthrough here is the Sonos logo placed at the upper half of its length. The upper surface of the device can also be its right or left side, as the speaker can be placed horizontally and vertically. The manufacturer has left a large choice to the user.

Sonos Play:5

On the upper or side surface, next to the Sonos logo, there are three touch buttons for easy control of the device. However, it is definitely better to control it directly from a dedicated application, or e.g. from a music application (the speaker supports AirPlay).

Sonos Play:5

Connection and multiroom

Like the Sonos One speakers I described earlier, Play:5 can also be part of a larger multi-room system of this company, where music from a source can be sent to all or part of the devices, and divided into zones where music from different sources will be played. The loudspeaker connects via the home network, either via WiFi or directly via a cable connected to the router. The control is done by means of a dedicated application - the same one used to manage other speakers of this company. Let me just remind you that it supports, among others, Spotify Connect and is also required for calibration with the True Play function.

Sonos Play:5


Despite the fact that it is a single speaker, thanks to the applied speaker configuration it plays very widely. These are three pairs of woofers and tweeters, with the middle pair playing straight ahead and two to the sides. Each of the speakers is also driven by a separate amplifier. The already mentioned TruePlay automatic calibration system is also very important. It allows you to adjust the sound of the speaker to the room and place it stands in. The parts of instruments and vocals are well separated from each other. It is by no means a sound can of sardines, although it is certainly not the same as a set of stereo speakers (remember, however, that two Play:5 speakers can work in such a pair). However, the sound coming out of Play:5 makes a very good impression, especially the strong and low bass, which builds a very solid base. It is worth to think about the appropriate setting of the device here. The IKEI rack may not be the best solution, as it will not be able to handle the low frequencies reproduced by this speaker. Surely, you can also give up buying an additional subwoofer with the Play:5 speaker. The middle frequencies are clearly warm, so that together with the strong bass the sound envelops the listener with the sound of guitars, keys or vocals. The upper frequencies add only taste, not distracting the listener's attention from the strong bottom and warm middle.

The dynamics of reproduced sound is at a good level. There is no question of silence here, although of course I've already tested speakers with much better dynamics than this or other Sonos products, but there is really nothing to attach to.

It is definitely a loudspeaker for a living room or a larger room, which will easily fill up with pleasant sound. It will not only play background music during work or other activities, but also the music we listen to in focus or during deeper relaxation.


Sonos has not let me down so far. Play:5 is another speaker that plays very well - warm and wide - the way I like it. I realize, of course, that not everyone can like it. However, I think that Sonos Play:5 is a speaker created to satisfy both the less and more demanding users, who have quite a large budget.

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