Google has released an update to its iOS application, which introduces support for Apple Watch. The latest version is described as 5.52.

Thanks to this change, users of maps offered by Google can use navigation directly from the watch. In the app for watchOS you can keep track of the scheduled time of arrival at your destination, change the mode of travel and choose which means you use - car, bicycle, public transport or infantry, as well as check your itinerary in a step-by-step mode. Additionally, directly from your watch you can enable navigation to your home, work or other pre-set places. Please note that adding shortcuts must be done from the iPhone. However, if you want to go to a location that has not been pre-set, you will have to set the navigation from your phone.

A small facilitation is that when you select the Edit Shortcut option, the application will automatically start in your phone where you can assign the selected address.