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Yesterday Apple released betas of MacOS Big Sur, iOS/iPadOS 14.2, tvOS 14.2 and watchOS 7.1. The first test version of the Xcode 12.2 development environment was also released. Please note that we recommend backups before installing new systems.

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On the list of game announcements that will appear in the coming weeks in the Apple Arcade service there is another title - "The Collage Atlas".

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Immediately after the launch of the new operating systems, iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, several tutorials appeared on Apple's support channel, presenting how to use the new features they offer.

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Updating your iOS or iPadOS system is a good time to backup your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch content in iCloud. On the Apple support channel on YouTube there is a tutorial on how to do it for several days.

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In addition to iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, there is also an official version of tvOS 14 software.

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Apple has released the official version of watchOS 7. We recommend that you back up before upgrading. Please note that this is done automatically together with the iPhone backup.

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Apple udostępniło oficjalną wersję systemu iPadOS 14. Przed zainstalowaniem aktualizacji, zalecamy wykonanie kopii zapasowej.

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After several months of testing, Apple released the official version of iOS 14. We recommend a backup before installing the update.

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On the Apple channel on YouTube there are already clips presenting particular novelties. They were part of the whole Time Flies presentation, but now you can watch each of them separately.

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On the Apple channel on YouTube there is a record of yesterday's Apple presentation - Time Flies. The company showed new models of Apple Watch - Series 6 and SE, Apple Fitness+ service, Apple One service packages and new iPad models - iPad 8th generation and iPad Air.

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Yesterday Apple presented Fitness+ service offering video exercise sets with trainers available on the iPhone or iPad integrated with the Apple Watch exercise application.

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As predicted, Apple today presented a completely new offer of its services in the form of the Apple One package.

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Apple today unveiled two new iPad models - the eighth generation iPad and the all-new iPad Air. Rumors have been confirmed - the new iPad Air looks like Pro models.

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Yesterday Apple released a software update for the second generation AirPods and Pro model. The system is described as 3A283.

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A few weeks ago there were reports on the web suggesting that ARM Holding may be sold. The most frequently mentioned company that would put up huge amounts of money was Nvidia.

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On October 2, Apple TV+ will offer a six-episode documentary series "Little World" dedicated to the world's smallest animals. Less than three weeks before its premiere, its trailer appeared on the Apple TV channel on YouTube.

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More and more confirmations are available about the introduction by Apple of its service package called Apple One. After discovering the references in the code of the Apple Music application for Android and discovering the fact that Apple has registered various AppleOne domains, 9To5Mac editors discovered further references in the iOS 14 beta code.

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A few days ago, in the code of the Apple Music application for Android, references to a package of services called Apple One were discovered. Now, the MacRumors service reports about the registration of many domains with this name by Apple.

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xCloud and Stadia are currently the two most popular services allowing players to stream games from the cloud to mobile devices. Neither of them is available on the App Store, as Apple has so far categorically prohibited publishing applications of this type in its store, claiming that they pose a threat to its high standards. However, the changes made yesterday to the App Store regulations open the door to such services. Unfortunately, the terms and conditions imposed by Apple may prove difficult (or even impossible) to swallow for many developers.

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From time to time, information appears on the web to suggest that Apple prepares so-called packages of its services, so that customers can save money.

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AppleDemoYT one published on Twitter photos of the device, that is probably one of the prototypes of the Apple Watch.

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Google has released an update to its iOS application, which introduces support for Apple Watch. The latest version is described as 5.52.

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Apple has just released the fifth public beta of watchOS 7. For the security of your data, we recommend a backup before uploading the system. Please note that this is done automatically with the copy of the iOS system.

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A few weeks ago Apple changed the premiere day of new games in the Apple Arcade service from Friday to Thursday. Today, this service has been announced with the title "A Monster's Expedition".

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Another video guide is available on the Apple support channel on YouTube. It shows how to draw on user recorded short films using the Digital Touch function, available as an extension in iMessage.

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Apple has released the eighth developer beta versions of iOS/iPadOS 14, tvOS 14, watchOS 7.

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Apple today announced the date of the September presentation. It will take place on September 15 at 10:00 a.m. local time, during which the company will probably present new iPhone 12 series, Apple Watch, fourth generation iPad Air and AirTag locator. There is also a great chance for the appearance of AirPods Studio headphones and Mac computers equipped with their own ARM processors (MacBook Pro and 12-inch model).

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On the Apple TV channel on YouTube there is already a trailer of the cartoon "Wolfwalkers", whose action takes place in medieval Ireland. Its protagonists are two girls who turn into wolves.

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The previous reports indicated that a completely new product may appear in Apple's offer later this year. We are talking about the AirTag locator.

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Vimeo has an in-house Apple instructional video showing how to prepare for data collection and how it is collected by the team of Apple engineers dealing with maps using a special car equipped with a team of LiDAR cameras and scanners.