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Two years ago Apple bought Shazam, a service for automatic song recognition. Today it is reported that the service is used by more than 200 million users worldwide every month.

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The American auction house Doyle recently announced that on November 24th it intends to hold an auction of a fragment of the Apple II computer case, bearing the signatures of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

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Inked: A Tale of Love is the debut game of the independent Croatian studio Somnium Games, currently available only on Windows computers. Soon, however, it will also be available for iOS.

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Two months ago Apple announced the cooperation with Gaumont and DreamWorks, which were supposed to prepare new animated series for Apple TV+ service. Recently, new trailers of these productions appeared on its official channel on YouTube.

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The Logitech brand is known for its great, if not some of the best, mice and keyboards in the world. However, it also offers trackballs, which are a reversal of the idea of the classic ball mouse (the ball moves with your thumb). They work everywhere where there is no room for a mouse. Recently the company released a new ERGO M575 model.

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Apple today released the official trailer of the second season of the series "Servant", which will have its premiere on the Apple TV+ service on January 15 next year.

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The Epic Games Store is an online gaming store for MacOS, Windows and Linux that regularly distributes free products to all customers to attract customers. Currently, a promotion is underway there, where you can download The Textorcist for free: The Story of Ray Bibbia.

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An interesting tutorial on Apple's support channel has been available for several days, showing how to set up a sleep schedule in iOS 14 on your iPhone.

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A few months ago Algoriddim presented a new edition of its popular DJ application for iOS, djay Pro, which was characterized by real-time vocal separation. Now it is also available for macOS.

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Wanderlust is a series of adventure games by the independent Polish studio Walkabout Games, founded by developers who previously worked on the Witcher series. Its latest version, entitled Wanderlust: Transsiberian, is temporarily available in the App Store for free.

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At the end of last year, Sugar Bytes launched DrumComputer - a new virtual drum machine for MacOS and Windows. This instrument has also recently been released for iPadOS.

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Few people managed to download the macOS Big Sur system last night. Soon after it was released, the Apple servers, responsible for updating the macOS system, fell.

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Apple has officially released the macOS Big Sur system. For the security of your data, we recommend a backup before uploading the system.

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"The Oprah Conversation" is a talk-show available exclusively on Apple TV+, run by one of America's most famous TV presenters, Oprah Winfrey. Apple announced yesterday a special episode of this show, whose guest will be the former President of the United States, Barack Obama.

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When Apple announced that future generations of Macs would use the new proprietary M1 chip, many users feared it would prevent them from using Windows virtualization. It seems, however, that although initially this may indeed be a problem, it will be solved quite quickly.

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Microsoft has long announced that its Office applications will support Macs with Apple processors. Shortly after Apple presented new Macs with M1 chips, the Redmond company released beta versions of Office applications supporting these new machines for its testers registered in "Insider Fast".

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Live is a DAW program which is very popular among musicians using macOS. The company responsible for it, Ableton, today officially announced its eleventh edition.

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As announced a month ago today, the long-awaited game "The Pathless" has its premiere in the Apple Arcade service.

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Apple has updated TestFlight to version 3.0 for iOS, allowing testers to share their applications before they appear in the App Store. The program has gained a feature to automatically update tested applications to the latest version, provided by the developer.

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A new title has appeared on the list of announcements of games that will soon premiere in the Apple Arcade service: 'Alba: A Wildlife Adventure'.

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Apple TV application is now available on Playstation 4 consoles. Last night the program appeared in the store, where you can download it for free.

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Last October, Kabam announced that they are working on a new game set in the comic book universe of Marvel, entitled Marvel Realm of Champions. It has now been revealed that this title will appear in the App Store next month.

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The last of the new Macs presented with M1 chip is the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

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The new Mac mini has a three times faster processor, six times faster graphics, up to 2 TB of SSD and up to 16 GB of RAM. It is worth noting that 16 GB is not much compared to the previous model.

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The new MacBook Air with M1 chip is expected to be 3.5 times faster than the previous model, and its graphics integrated with the processor is 5 times faster. According to Apple, the new MacBook Air is three times faster than 98 percent of all Windows laptops sold last year. It is also twice as fast as an SSD.

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The first Apple chip that will be the heart of the new Mac is the M1 processor. It is a SOC chip made in 5 nanometers technology with an eight-core CPU.

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Warhammer is a popular series of games including "paper" RPG systems, figurative battle games and various computer games. Studio Virtual Realms is working on a new game for iOS, entitled Warhammer: Odyssey, set in this universe.

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AudioKit is a company known mainly for its great free Synth One synthesizer and its tools to help developers create music applications for iOS. Yesterday it published its new virtual drum machine, the AR-909, in the App Store.

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Space Marshals is a popular series of action games combining sci-fi and westerne styles. Recently, its latest third installment has been released in the App Store.

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Last month, Apple removed the Stadium web browser from the App Store, which was the only one to offer the possibility of launching a streaming service with Google Stadia games on iOS devices. Now, however, this application has been made available again in a slightly modified form.