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The presentation of Apple's new products entitled "Time Flies" was another event without press or audience after the keynote opening the WWDC conference. I have to admit that they are better than those in which information about new products is interrupted by applause or shouts of admiration. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple decided to keep this formula after the pandemic has subsided.

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Logitech keyboards and mice are a brand in itself and no wonder, because they have been considered the best for years, especially those from the MX series. Last year Logitech launched the MX Keys and MX Master 3. These were universal devices for both Windows PCs and Macs. Recently, Logitech introduced special dedicated versions for Macs of both these devices. How does the Logitech MX Keys for Mac work? You'll find the answer below.

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Audio-Technica is a brand well known among lovers of good sound. One of the most recognizable models of headphones of this company, popular also among music producers and musicians who visit the studio from time to time, is the wired M50x. I met with it myself and used it in the studio. Last year Audio-Technica decided to cut off this kind of umbilical cord and released a wireless version, the M50xBT.

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After two ultra wide and curved Philips monitors, the time has come for a real monster - the super wide Philips Brilliance 439P, which can replace two 16:10 aspect ratio monitors on your desk.

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A few months ago I had a chance to test and describe a set of active multi-room Audio Pro A26 speakers. This Swedish brand has a lot more in its offer, especially one speaker caught my attention - looking like the head of a 1960s guitar amplifier model D-1. The association with the head of a guitar amplifier is not accidental. The D-1 can be part of the Drumfire set with a large subwoofer. Such a set could easily be placed on stage next to classic amps. So how does it look up close, and how does the multi-room Audio Pro D-1 speaker play? You will find the answer below.

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After tests of two electric cars from BMW's stable, i.e. Mini Cooper Se and BMW i3s, it was time for a much more universal car, at least for our Polish conditions: The recently introduced hybrid BMW X3 xDrive 30e.

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Today, a new game, "Marble Knights" by WayForward Technologies, has appeared in Apple Arcade service.

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From time to time I am asked by podcasters or bloggers from other editors what I use and what services I use. For years it has been an Apple ecosystem consisting not only of Macs, iPads, iPhones and Apple TV, but also of various types of accessories communicating with them via the HomeKit platform and services offering, among others, digital content (i.e. App Store, Apple Music and Apple TV, formerly iTunes Films), mail access and file synchronization via iCloud both between systems and across multiple applications. All this is based on my digital identity, Apple ID.

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In September last year, during the presentation of new Bowers & Wilkins products, I had the opportunity to get acquainted with the Formation Flex speaker, as well as with the new PX7 and PX5 headphones. I have already written about Formation Flex, and in the last two weeks I had the opportunity to test a smaller model of top Bowers & Wilkins headphones, the PX5.

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Among home audio systems there are many speakers and devices that stand out for their sound and original design. However, all of them seem to be boring and commonplace with Devialet devices. Devialet Phantom speakers look like products of alien civilizations, taken out alive from such SF cinema classics as "2001: Space Odyssey" or "Alien". I have been waiting for a long time for an opportunity to test them and finally an opportunity has come. A few weeks ago I received a Devialet Phantom Reactor 900 speaker in matt black finish for testing.

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Apple has just presented new models of the Apple Watch. Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE

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In September last year in London, Bowers & Wilkins presented a number of new products, including the latest addition to its wireless multi-room high-res system - the speaker Formation Flex, which soon afterwards came to me for testing.

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iPads are real computers, or at least closer and closer to them, thanks to changes in iPadOS that introduce, among others, the possibility of working with two program windows or using a keyboard with a trackpad or a mouse. It is trackpad keyboards that are now becoming accessories sought after by users. Of course, Apple offers a case with a keyboard, but it costs a lot, besides, you can only connect its keyboard and trackpad with one device. And yet you often work on several different devices, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows computer. It is worth having a universal accessory at hand, offering both the function of a keyboard and a trackpad, while having a compact form. The solution is the Mokibo keyboard, which I had the opportunity to test.

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I recently wrote about the death of the Apple TV device in a text about the Samsung Q60R smart TV, which in addition to AirPlay 2 support (i.e. wireless sending of video and audio from a Mac, iPhone or iPad to the TV), also offers a native Apple Music app. Apart from the obvious, because already well visible in the above sentence, naming problem, which causes a lot of confusion, Apple has another, in my opinion, very serious problem with this device. It is becoming more and more unnecessary in the times of omnipresent smart TVs.

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Users of 12-inch MacBooks, the latest lineup of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air know that without an adapter or a move, users of 12-inch MacBooks, the latest lineup of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, know that without an adapter or a move, users of 12-inch MacBooks, the latest lineup of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, are able to do so. Depending on the version, these computers have one to four USB-C ports. This is a universal solution, because it can charge your computer and connect virtually any accessory or peripheral, but still has one disadvantage. This standard is still not popular enough to do without the already mentioned adapter or hub. The latter also allows you to connect many more devices to your computer than there are ports available in it. There are many such hubs on the market. I have already tested several of them myself. Without a doubt, however, one of the best is the HyperDrive SLIM 8-in-1 USB-C Hub.

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Last year I described QLED smart TV from Samsung Q60R. It was one of the first with a pre-installed Apple TV application, giving access to the movie library in iTunes Store, and from November to Apple TV+ service. I wrote then that in my opinion it was just a TV like Steve Jobs once thought. I also mentioned that smart TVs with access to the iTunes collection and Apple TV apps could mean the death of the apps with this name. Recently all Samsung TVs, including my Q60R, have also gained the Apple Music app. It has become even more doubtful for me to own an Apple TV or buy another model (e.g. Apple TV 4K or the newer one announced).

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BWM i3 is probably one of the most recognizable electric cars. Manufactured for almost 7 years, it has lived to see a lift in i3s version. The differences, however, are in my opinion small compared to the REx model described on MyApple. BMW designers should really be praised for the fact that despite the passage of years this car still looks futuristic and eye-catching. I had a chance to drive the i3s model for the last few days.

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A good office monitor is quite a key issue for many. It's not just about browsing the web or working in a text editor or spreadsheet, although in both cases it's also a big deal. A good office monitor is also a key issue for programmers who spend hours staring at lines of code written in one language or another. For me, who does both, it is of great importance. It is also important that such a monitor can be easily placed on your desk according to your needs and that it offers something more than just displaying an image. For the last few months my desk horse was a Philips Brilliance 272B QUB monitor.

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Western Digital, a well-known storage manufacturer, has developed a new portable SSD from the popular My Passporrt series.

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Sweden has been associated with good sound for years and I don't only mean rock and metal music (for which, apart from Abba, this country is famous), but also music and audio equipment. I've been even more convinced of this in the last few weeks. I had a chance to test a set of active Audio Pro A26 speakers with multi-room function.

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Among the productions available in Apple Arcade you will find many so-called casual games, which are usually played to kill time, e.g. by train, bus, streetcar or subway, or as a passenger of a car, during rush hours when all vehicles are in traffic jams. It seems that there is nothing better for this occasion than the latest game "Mini Motorways" from the Dinosaur Polo Club studio, known from a similar game for iOS - "Mini Metro".

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Recently I wrote about Logitech mouse- MX Master 3. This company has also prepared a new keyboard model, which together with that mouse will make a set. We are talking about MX Keys. But is this model completely new? In my opinion, no, and why I think so, I will explain later in this text.

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A new title, The Survivalists, has appeared on the list of game announcements that will be available in the coming weeks in Apple Arcade.

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Sonos brand products are regularly featured on the pages of MyApple. After the Sonos One and portable Sonos Move speakers, the time has come for the largest speaker in this manufacturer's offer. Model Play:5.

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Setapp has been on the market for several years now. During this time the number of applications available in this service has significantly increased. Currently, there are already a hundred and several dozen of them, all for $9.99 a month. For all the applications available in Setapp that I currently use, I would pay as much as for a four-year subscription for this service. There are actually so many of them that the time has come to describe them all and dispel the doubts of skeptics who get goose bumps on the word "subscription".

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It is amazing how the Mini Cooper story went. After all, it was a very cheap, common car for the British - on the day of its premiere it cost only 500 British pounds, which translates into the current 47500 PLN. This budget vehicle quickly became an object of cult. No wonder that it is no longer a budget car, but a premium car. The newest electric Mini Cooper Se, which has been available in Poland since April, clips the history of this brand. This small car was created as a response to the fuel crisis related to the blockade of the Suez Canal.

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Among the games available in Apple Arcade, there was also a space shooter combined with turn-based RPG. Such a game is "Spaceland". The plot is quite simple and refers to the first two films from the "Alien" series. From the base located on a distant planet a warning signal is sent (like from a ship in the movie "Alien, the eighth passenger of Nostromo"), which is received by a team of star guards. After their landing, it turns out that the whole base is controlled by alien life forms. The player's task is to clean it up and save a few of its crew members still alive.

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I have already written several times about the keyboard in the new MacBooks Pro or 12-inch MacBooks. It's not only about the dust and dust resistant or different particles resistant butterfly mechanism of the keys, which I preventively blow with compressed air every week, but also about the size of the keys and their jump. Large size and small stroke make typos happen to me much more often than other keyboards, not to mention unbreakable spaces, inserted by accidentally pressing left CMD together with Space (I'm a freak who has been changing ALT and CMD keys since the beginning of my adventure with Macs). No wonder that for some time I've been looking for an optimal keyboard where I could write longer texts. In recent weeks I had a chance to test another Logitech product, the universal wireless keyboard Craft.

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It is not an art to buy a very expensive TV. It is definitely more interesting in the middle price range, the one available to virtually all customers. There is more going on here and the differences in quality are also significant. One of the important players on the market is TCL, whose latest 55-inch 55EC78 TV I had the opportunity to test recently.

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Apple has long convinced us that iPad is a computer. However, for an iPad to be such a computer, you need a keyboard. Apple offers its models, but there is strong competition on the market in the form of products well known to the readers of MyApple by Logitech. For many years Logitech has been supplying some of the best accessories, from mice to keyboards. The latter category also includes iPad cases equipped with a keyboard. In recent weeks, I have had the opportunity to test one of the brand's latest products. Rugged Folio case for iPad 10.2" (7th generation) equipped with a keyboard.